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Course Instructors

Dr. John Lill Dr. John Lill
Department of Biological Sciences
The George Washington University
Lisner Hall 344, 2023 G Street, NW
Washington, DC 20052 U.S.A.

John is an associate professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at George Washington University and holds adjunct positions at the Departments of Entomology at the NMNH and the University of Maryland. His research focuses on the ecology and evolution of multitrophic interactions involving plants, insect herbivores, and their natural enemies, including both predators and parasitoids. Most of his work has focused on North American temperate forest caterpillars and their interactions with native parasitoids. John's research mostly involves field experiments and surveys of local caterpillars and large-scale rearing efforts to determine parasitoid-host associations. He is also engaged in research investigating climate change effects on plant-herbivore and host-parasitoid interactions. John has published over 40 peer-reviewed papers and book chapters.

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